Old Geez

An old man with a moustache and a smart jacket and neck tie.

A huge moustache is bound to get crumbs in it.


Hanging Dry

washing line



Edited rough sketch from a while ago

Media testing

IMG_0014 IMG_0018 stencil print


Again using my stencil i decided to test it out on different textures like newspaper. I then used the stencil itself and printed it onto paper. This left a nice rustic affect of layering of paints.

Graffiti stencil

IMG_0008 IMG_0009


After using the stencil i created for my t-shirt design i decided to use it on a wall to test the effect.

T-shirt design

tshirt outside 3



Using my own design i incorporated my piece onto a t-shirt.

Boy Soilder

IMG_0020              boy soilder selection



Pieces i created for my ‘Red Cross’ brief. An illustrative piece then printed onto wood using the laser cutter.